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The first film is a short video which aims to capture the emotion surrounding the recent (nearly) final departure of the RMS St Helena which left St Helena on February 10th 2018, completing 27 years of service for the island. She had become a much-loved member of the St Helena family due to her role as the island's lifeline. She would carry loved ones to and from the island for reunions as well medical emergencies. She also brought cargo and food supplies to the island on a regular basis.


In the second film I show St Helena as an island of unspoilt, outstanding natural beauty. With the recent introduction of regular scheduled flights and renewed media interest, the island's charms are more accessible than ever in its rich 500 year history.


Watch the video to see how DroneSurvey.Video is able to shoot breathtaking scenes of the island, bringing creativity and sensitivity to the delivery of any brief. Please reach out via our contact page to discuss your project and to obtain a quote.

The soundtrack to this video is a song called Human Psyche - written, performed and produced by U:Guru (comprised of Stewart George, Mark Cox and Stuart McLean). Previously unreleased, this song was written as a celebration of the mind's acceptance of individual personal change as an essential component of creating the world we want to live in. This is perhaps the most pressing project of each of our lives. It may also be our highest and most challenging calling.

The song's vocal motif "nu' umi unungwa'ta" - which is Hopi for "I love you" - suggests a safe space for this change, allowing for everything to be in a constantly evolving state of perfection, implying that everything will work out just fine.

Set against this musical backdrop is the visual majesty of the South Atlantic sub-tropical island of St Helena set in a pristine ocean expanse; as much a symbol of timeless permanent beauty as it is a satellite of uncommon safety in an undeniably unsafe world. St Helena is a sanctuary. But her beauty changes; almost imperceptibly, as it bears silent witness to the profound faster-paced changes ahead of islanders as they increasingly welcome in our complex world via scheduled air access. They leave behind them their isolation which has been both their greatest emotonal burden and a catalyst for their unusually strong community values.


Music by U:Guru

Comprised of

Stewart George

Mark Cox

Stuart McLean

Aerial Footage

and Directed by

Stewart George

Additional Footage

Anchor 2
The Final Departure of the RMS St Helena

The Final Departure of the RMS St Helena


"Wow. Beautiful footage and beautiful playing, Stewart."
"I could watch this all day long! Beautiful..."
"Wow! Amazing video and I LOVE the soundtrack!"

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